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Elevate your coffee

The superpowers behind Spinn

Coffee & Espresso

Spinn is world’s first bean-to-cup coffee maker that can make a single serve Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Carafe of Coffee and more.

Quality coffee

Spinn makes the simple pleasures of quality coffee easy. Its centrifugal brewer controls the coffee’s creation. Science meets the art of brewing as Spinn processes each parameter of the coffee serving.


Spinn brings a new level of choice to convenient coffee. All coffee styles by one coffee maker, largest coffee choice, fresh roasted whole beans delivered to your door, automated coffee recipes, subscription for easy ordering, no coffee downtime.

Fresh beans

Our community of roasters offer you access to a whole new world of coffee. Spinn knows just how these roasters intend to have their coffee prepared and is ready to brew each cup according to their unique process. Spinn unlocks years of experience as well as the artistic touch of our dedicated community of roasters

Roaster recipes

Because Spinn is Wi-Fi connected, the machine can follow anyone’s recipes. Coffee purchased through the Spinn App can follow the roaster’s preferences during the brewing sequence. You can even control your own settings, save them, and share with friends.

Centrifugal brewing

Spinn brews a fast, efficient, and clever cup of coffee varying the speed of it’s spinning brewer during the entire brewing process. This guarantees that your favorite roast is transformed into the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Water filter

Water filtration is key to consistent quality and exceptional taste. Spinn is packed with the finest nano filtration technology ensuring you enjoy cup after cup just as you expect it.

No waste

Spinn uses fresh roasted whole beans from any roasters of your choice. Every cup starts with freshly ground beans and is immediately brewed to maximize the bean’s potential. Coffee goes in and coffee comes out. No waste, mess, or fuss. Sometimes simple is better.

Wifi connected

Spinn is easy to control from either your smart phone, or from the machine. Order fresh beans, program your favorite drink recipes or even schedule your morning coffee.

Alexa integration

Spinn teamed up with Amazon Echo to make Alexa your own personal barista. Use simple voice commands to put Spinn to work for you.

Touch display

With just a simple touch, you can discover a whole new world of coffee. Spinn has a simple intuitive interface to help you select from a range of unique brewing styles.

Remote controlled

Whether you use the Spinn App, Voice Command through Amazon’s Echo, or the touch of your finger on the machine, Spinn is ready.


Put your machine to work at 6AM to brew your cup? All possible.

Automatic Ordering

The bean reservoir contains sensors that track when your beans are running low. The machine will automatically order more, before you run out. No coffee down-time!


Ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms. Ways of reducing negative human impact is engineering with environmentally-awareness on top of mind. Spinn is engineered to reduce waste to its minimum and to have coffee convenience and choice without the necessity of pods.

Self cleaning

The centrifugal brewing process allows to spin dry the coffee residue. The self-cleaning brewing chamber is left clean, dry, and ready to make your next favorite beverage with the push of a button.

XL Bean reservoir

Use a bigger bean reservoir for multi user environments.

Small footprint

Bigger is better? Spinn has a small footprint.

Coffee & espresso

Quality coffee


Fresh beans

Roaster recipes

Centrifugal brewing

Water filter

No waste

Wifi connected

Alexa integration

Touch display

Remote controlled


Automatic ordering


Self cleaning

Reservoir extender

Small footprint

What can Spinn make
for you?


6oz Brewed Coffee

The Espresso

1oz Espresso


1oz Espresso + 1oz Steamed Milk + 1oz Foamed Milk

The Americano

1oz Espresso + 5oz Hot Water


DOUBLE SHot of 1oz Espresso


2oz Long Pulled Espresso

Cafe Romano

1oz Espresso + Slice of Lemon

The Guillermo

1oz Espresso + Slice of Lime, Served over Ice

Cafe Zorro

DOPPIO + 2oz Hot Water

Caffe Affogato*

2oz Espresso Served over a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Flat White*

2oz Espresso + 3.5oz Steamed Milk

Espresso Con Panna

2oz Espresso + Dot of Whipped Cream

The Macchiato*

1oz Espresso + Dot of Foamed Milk

The Cortado*

2oz Espresso + 2oz Warm Milk

Latte Macchiato*

1oz Espresso + 2oz Steamed Milk + 2oz Foamed Milk

Cafe Latte*

1oz Espresso + 6oz Steamed Milk

Iced Coffee

3oz Coffee, Served over Ice

Cafe Barraquito*

1oz Espresso + 1oz Condensed Milk + 1oz Licor 43 + 2oz Steamed Milk + 1oz Foamed Milk + Cinnamon + Slice of Lemon

Iced Latte

1oz Espresso + 3oz Cold Milk, Served over Ice

Caffe Americano Fizz

2oz Espresso + 10oz Club Soda, Served over Ice

Classic Joe

7oz Brewed Coffee


Hot Water + TEA LEAVES

To go

MAX. 11.5oz of Your Beverage of Choice


MAX. 16oz of Your Beverage of Choice

*Milk frother sold separately

Serious extraction

Spinn helps you unlock the potential inside every bean

Different speeds to extract the delicious flavors

Different speeds - Different flavors - Your choice

Spinn slow for coffee

Spinn fast for Espresso

Order Fresh Beans
from Your Favorite Local Roaster

A truly modern coffee experience

Know Your Coffee

Remote control

Automatic ordering

Intelligent alerts

Machine status



  • Centrifugal brewing core
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Cup Clearance up to 6”
  • Small footprint


  • Bean container: 42.2fl-oz
  • Water container: 57.5fl-oz
  • Finest grind 230 µm
  • Stainless steel burrs Ø 1.9”
  • Spinn speed. 500-6000RPM
  • Servings up to 12oz.


  • Download roasters recipes.
  • Automatic software updates
  • Control with phone, or voice command via Amazon’s Alexa
  • Automatic ordering

Your search for the perfect cup is over.

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