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Spinn 2



Spinn 2 ships with the Large Hopper that holds 365 grams of coffee. Add interchangeable small hoppers (100 grams) so you can switch out to decaf or your favorite single origin coffee at any time.

Essential Accessories

Additional notes

  • Cancel anytime for a full refund prior to order shipping
  • By signing up for a pre-order you will receive monthly updates by email
  • Maker ships with 1 year warranty
  • Anticipated shipping in Q4 2024


  • Improved grinder

    produces a wider range of grind sizes and consistency

  • Expanded centrifuge

    allows for larger drinks and more brew versatility

  • Built-in weigh scale

    provides accurate dosing down to 0.1 gram *

  • New front panel

    controls allow for Drink Volume and Strength adjustments

  • Interchangeable hoppers

    let you switch beans easily (Ships with Large hopper)

  • Geek Mode app interface

    allows you to control all of the brew settings from grind size, dose, spin speed, pre-infusion and more

  • Convenience upgrades

    include larger water reservoir, drip tray and residue bin to allow you to make more coffee without needing to empty or fill the machine

*subject to change


  • Machine dimensions with Large Hopper: WxHxD 7.9 x 15.3 x 14.2 in *
  • Machine dimensions with Small Hopper: WxHxD 7.9 x 14.2 x 14.2 in *
  • Machine weight: 16 lbs *
  • Water reservoir volume: 68 oz *
  • Water line connection: yes
  • Water heating: double heating coil ThermoBlock heater
  • Grinder burrs: 1.57 in conical *
  • Bean dosing per serving: by weight
  • Small Hopper capacity: 100 grams *
  • Large Hopper capacity: 365 grams *
  • Assign bean type to Hopper: by app scanner and RFID tag
  • Dark roast oily bean compatible: yes
  • Power supply: 110-125 V, 50-60 Hz, 1800 W *
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi. 2.4 GHz, RFID
  • Max serving volume: 20 oz
  • Coffee spout height: 6.9 in from countertop to coffee spout
  • Residue bin: 30 fl oz *
  • Drip tray: 17 fl oz *

*subject to change

Estimated Shipping: Q4 2024

Cancel anytime for a full refund prior to order shipping