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The All-in-One Espresso Maker

Makes a Variety of Coffee Drinks

Whole Bean Coffee Ground Fresh

Control with Your Phone with Spinn App


  • Power Supply: 110-125 V ~ 50-60 Hz
  • Bean Container: 18 oz
  • Water Container: 40 oz
  • Power Cord: 33.5"
  • Cup clearance: up to 6"
  • Water supply line compatible
  • Serving size: 20 oz (max)
  • Finest grind: 0.01"
  • Stainless steel burrs: 1.6" diameter
  • Centrifugal brewing core (up to 5,000 RPM)


  • Control your machine with Spinn App
  • WiFi enabled
  • Upload roaster recipes
  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic ordering
  • Voice command with Alexa
  • Browse coffee from 150+ roasters
  • Get recommendations on new coffee

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NANO water filter

Water supply line compatible

$15 coffee credits

Milk Frother

Spinn Carafe

11oz Black Travel Mug

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Customer Reviews

Matthew Spiller avataramazing

We’re all living the spinn

by Matthew Spiller
Mike Ballai avatarawesome coffee

If you are a coffee fan, this machine is all you will ever need. And coffee includes all kinds of brew options, like espresso, cold brew, espresso martinis, etc We even bring it with us if going away for a week! Our machine’s name is Hazel.

by Mike Ballai
Randall Goltzman avatarso good !

Best coffee ever

by Randall Goltzman
Tim Smith avatarunknown coffee brands

I have added my coffee brand to the database, but I can never find it to retrieve it.

by Tim Smith
Tim Smith avatarfeedback after several months

I love my spinn. It is the best coffee maker I've ever owned. I'm waiting on my extra large water reservoir. I have been having an issue for the last couple of months. Infrequently, the bean grinding will not grind enough beans. I can hear the sound as if there were no beans feeding the grinder, though it's full. I then get a weak, watery coffee. I have flushed the hopper, inspected the grinder, cleaned the hopper, but it does not fix the issue. I also have some observations. when the Spinn alerts me to a condition, such as to change my filter, I can't clear the condition, without running the filter flush. In my case, I use reverse osmosis water and therefore I do not use a filter. Also, the bean shield in the hopper should be removable for when I am flushing the hopper. I lose beans. Also, when I make an ice coffee, it wants to run the cool down by default, it should base the cool down on whether the water has been heated. If the base was 3/4 of an inch taller for a taller waste waste container, it would reduce the frequency of emptying it.

by Tim Smith
Mike Ballai avatarawesome machine

Genuinely the best coffee machine ever. I would like the coffee hotter but otherwise will be recommending this unit to all friends and family!

by Mike Ballai