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Brazil | Santa Luzia

3-19 Coffee
This delicious dark roast coffee is farmed in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil Jose Maria de Oliveira and his family.
1,200 meters
Minas Gerais

Notes from the curator

In the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, Jose Maria de Oliveira and his family evolved from simply farming coffee to managing farms, habitats, and coffee processing centers. Their goal is sustainable development that protects the natural resources of the area. On the top of a hill, the plot of land named Fazenda Santa Luzia produces delicious exotic coffees.

More about 3-19 Coffee

We are coffee made creative. 3-19 Coffee has found its path by way of relationships. Our goal is to learn, contribute and support the communities where our coffees originate. Coffee is rich in substance, complexity, and story. We’re inspired and driven by the stories of progress and community from small coffee farmers. Read more...

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