San Diego, CA

Black House Blend

Modern Times Coffee
12 oz
Our OG blend of Ethiopia and Sumatra is a medium-bodied coffee with heavy notes of blueberry and chocolate.

Notes from the curator

A blend of Ethiopian Dame Dabaye (fruit, berries, brightness) and Sumatra Mandheling (cocoa, caramel, earth), this mocha java-style
blend is the same coffee we use in Black House, our year-round oatmeal coffee stout.12oz of whole bean radness, roasted fresh at
our brewery. Recommended preparation method: pour over or cold brew.

More about Modern Times Coffee

Modern Times is not just a world renowned brewery, we are also an exceptional coffee company. We started roasting our own coffee at the same exact time we started brewing beer, and have grown together to create the ultimate experience: the highest quality products, produced by passionate employee owners, all under one roof. Read more...

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