Mountain Climber
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Mountain Climber


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Syracuse, NY

Mountain Climber
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Crafted to shine a light even in the darkest valley.









Fully Washed


Heirloom, Caturra

Notes from the curator

Our signature espresso blend. Crafted to shine a light even in the darkest valley, this coffee is smooth and sweet, but balances well with milk. We say here, that life is about enjoying the peaks and the valleys, and we hope this coffee can help you through it all.

More about Peaks Coffee Co.

We're on a mission to meet people in their peaks and valleys, with coffee as our catalyst to build relationships and impact others. Our core belief that life is is about enjoying the peaks and enduring the valleys. If you connect with this, come hang!


8 Customer Reviews

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Kreisler Ng avatarMilk Chocolate

It's a balanced milk chocolate bar. If you're more of a bitter, dark chocolate (with a hint of sweetness) person then not the best for you. Or if you like full-bodied espresso's like out of Indonesian beans then not best for you. Otherwise, this is a solid set of beans. I also tried it as a pour over (which is what I prefer over an espresso) and it was a solid cup. Nothing that knocked me off my feet but at this price point with a 12oz bag it is expected. I would cup it 80 points. :)

by Kreisler Ng