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Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Nutty, Cinnamon, Mild Dried Fruit Roast: City +/Full City(Medium) Varietal: Mixed Process: Wash









Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

Because sometimes both life and riding can be a grind, we developed this coffee to be an inspirational daily drinker. For those work days where you are staring out the window wishing you were on your favorite outdoor adventure, to those casual mornings where you've got the time to enjoy the moment, this coffee satisfies on all fronts. Heavy notes of Chocolate with mild fruitiness and thick body, this coffee works on all brewing methods from pour over to espresso. Enjoy!

More about the coffee ride

Our motto is and always will be… making others happy by delivering the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee by bicycle. Established by the nostalgia from our founder's grandfather Jerry the milkman, the joy of riding bikes with friends, and our love for sharing our favorite coffees with others.


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