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Vacaville, CA

Half Caf
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Half regular Arabica beans and half Swiss Water® processed for a less caffeinated cup of coffee.









Decaffeinated: Swiss Water Process



Notes from the curator

Need a gentle morning boost? Our blend of regular Arabica beans and Swiss Water® Decaf beans makes our Half Caf the perfect choice when you want to lower your caffeine intake. This medium roast coffee is the perfect way to start off your day! Half Caf is recommended for the following brewing methods: Chemex, Hario v60, French Press, Aeropress, Moka pot, Turkish, espresso, cold brew. The Swiss Water decaffeination process doesn’t use chemicals so there’s no residue on the beans, making it the

More about Unleashed Coffee

At Unleashed Coffee, we do things differently. Our company was founded by a farmer, and we only buy our coffees from farmers we have built relationships with. We connect our customers to the farmers and provide premium coffee subscriptions that reveal the notes of the growing regions while making a difference in the lives of the farmers!


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