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San Francisco, CA

Ethiopia | Guji

3-19 Coffee
This Guji coffee is sourced from the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm, a 1,200-acre estate that began exporting in 2015.
1,900 - 2,200 meters
Ethiopian Heirloom

Notes from the curator

Ripe cherries are delivered to the farm’s station where they are sorted and put on raised beds to dry. They also have a dry mill, which allows the team to trace the coffee all the way to the final export stage. Kayon Mountain won a 2018 Good Food Award.

More about 3-19 Coffee

We are coffee made creative. 3-19 Coffee has found its path by way of relationships. Our goal is to learn, contribute and support the communities where our coffees originate. Coffee is rich in substance, complexity, and story. We’re inspired and driven by the stories of progress and community from small coffee farmers. Read more...

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