Seattle, WA


Armistice Coffee Co
12 oz
A delicious blend of Brazil, Honduras, and Ethiopia.
Brazil, Ethiopia , Honduras
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

This blend was created form high-quality beans, with the goal of making this coffee approachable for everyone. Whether you're new to coffee, or a seasoned expert, I'm confident you'll love this blend.
It is a light roast with a medium body and notes of red berry, peanut, and baking cocoa.
How you'll taste it? Berry at the front with a smooth, nutty finish. It's basically a PB&J.

More about Armistice Coffee Co

I started my journey with coffee in 2009 as a barista, and after working my way up at various companies, I realized I would never have the autonomy I needed to create safe spaces for both customers and employees alike. From this Armistice was born! I roast all our coffee at my flagship Seattle store Read more...

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