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Ephraim, WI

Lavender Colombian

Island Lavender Company
8 oz
Smooth rich taste & a deep mellow body with lavender

Notes from the curator

Savor the smooth, rich taste of Colombian coffee infused with a mellow lavender taste which subtly softens the coffee's edges while enriching its taste. The combination of the fragrant lavender taste and aroma, with the bolder taste and aroma of coffee, is quite tantalizing! This 100% Arabica coffee is available in decaf (ground) which makes it perfect as an after-dinner or dessert drink (calorie free!) and in regular (ground and whole bean) for those who depend on their caffeine.

More about Island Lavender Company

Wonderful coffee beans roasted with our hand-made lavender essential oil distilled from organically-grown and pesticide-free lavender cultivated with care on our lavender farm in northern Wisconsin.  Read more...

Customer reviews

Quality coffee with lavender overtones
3 / 5
Let me start by saying that I didn’t realize I was ordering lavender coffee. This coffee was one of the top two recommendations that came out of the Spinn coffee quiz and I simply went with what they recommended in an attempt to broaden my horizons. I do recall identifying lavender in one of the quiz questions. In retrospect, the word “lavender” is both in the coffee name and the company name, so shame on me! In any case, broaden my horizons, it did. I immediately smelled the light scent of lavender upon opening the package. It was at this time I realized what type of coffee this is. Fortunately for my tastes, the brewed coffee really mellowed out the lavender. What remained was a very slight smell and taste that complimented the quality coffee quite well. If I didn’t know any better, I’m not sure I would be able to peg it as lavender. It went down smooth without any bitterness, which was nice. So why the three stars? Only because lavender is not the flavor for me. If you are expecting it and like the flavor of lavender, I believe you would enjoy this coffee very much.