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Shore Leave Hook


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San Francisco, CA

Shore Leave Hook
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A blend dedicated to sustaining all livelihoods. No frills, smoke or mirrors, just quiet comfort.




Brazil; Colombia







Notes from the curator

It’s creamy with intense dark chocolate flavors when pulled as an espresso. As a filter coffee, rich notes of sweet tobacco and honey-roasted peanuts shine through.

More about Andytown Coffee

Andytown Coffee is a woman owned coffee roasting company here in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, California founded in 2014 by Lauren Crabbe and Michael McCrory. Andytown is built on a foundation of quality, approachability, and transparency. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, our product, and the world in which we live.


14 Customer Reviews

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Mike Stefiuk avatarAs the kids say…meh.

Found to be bland and lacking much character and flavor.

by Mike Stefiuk
Jim Linden avatarGreat Coffee

Very good. Smooth, great taste one of our favorites.

by Jim Linden
Billy Ingram avatarINCREDIBLE!!!

I drink a dark roast coffee daily, sometimes as a pour-over, along with the essential creamer and sweetener in every cup. I have been doing this for four decades...until I tried the Shore Leave Hook. Now, I am drinking this great black coffee black with nothing added to it. I love this! For one, my wife can't believe that I am not adding anything to my coffee, and two, I can't believe how much I love the smooth yet strong taste. Life changing!

by Billy Ingram