O.G. Cold Brew
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O.G. Cold Brew


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Douglasville , GA

O.G. Cold Brew
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Is a bold, Chocolate-y, smooth tasting cold brew. With notes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and caramel sweetness.












Notes from the curator

Our O.G. Cold Brew Blend is a high-quality coffee made from certified organic beans sourced from three different regions of the world. This combination of these beans create a complex and well-rounded flavor profile with notes of chocolate, roasted almonds, and caramel sweetness. You will appreciate the rich, flavorful and balanced cold brew. Experience the journey through different cultures.

More about Archetype Kulture Coffee Roasters

We are a specialty coffee roasting company. That roast coffees from all over the world. We specialize in favor profiling of different coffees. With 15 years of experience. We bring something special. What the world looks like in a simple freshly roasted cup of coffee. Archetype Kulture "What our Ancestors Drank"


7 Customer Reviews

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Martin Hyams avatarNice mild taste

The beans were very fresh. The many flavors were obvious to the taste. The coffee beans just are not as roasted as I prefer. I prefer a medium roast. I tried these because they were for my favorite Cold Brew. I also had a credit. In my opinion the beans are not worth the $34 shipped.

by Martin Hyams