Espresso Blend
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Espresso Blend


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Kent, OH

Espresso Blend
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Our Espresso Blend combines the boldness of espresso with the drinkability of a great cup of coffee.



1600 - 2200; 900 - 1800; 1650 - 1800


Guatemala; Mexico; Peru






Burbon, Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara, Pache, Typica, Catimor, Mondo Novo

Notes from the curator

Sweet, caramelly and downright complex; this coffee is not only perfect for espresso, but it’s also great as brewed coffee. We begin with a variety of Latin American beans. Each are then dark roasted and blended to create a smooth and creamy coffee. Hints of cherry, nuts, and cedar are all evident as you taste and smell this aromatic coffee.

More about Bent Tree Coffee Roasters, LLC

Bent Tree Coffee Roasters was born from a love of coffee in the summer of 2011. We are a small batch, artisan coffee roaster located in historic downtown Kent, Ohio. We seek out and start with high quality Arabican green coffee beans and carefully roast them to perfection.


3 Customer Reviews

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Konstantin Vilk avatarBeans too acidic, bad with alternative creamers

These coffee beans make the oatmilk and almond milk creamers separate and taste horrible. okay with milk but does not taste as good as other espressos. disappointing.

by Konstantin Vilk