Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Los Popitos - Honduras


Sacramento, CA

Los Popitos - Honduras
12 OZ
Whole Beans

Cup Characteristics: Caramel Sweetness, Orange like acidity, Buttery Body.









Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

Pedro Romero shows his leadership among the 80 Farm members of COCAFCAL in the community of Las Capucas in Western Honduras. Having the determination to pick only the ripest cherries, using washed and pulped natural fermentation processes and his solar dryers have given his coffees a sweet acidity with a silky body that we are all loving!

More about Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

We roast small batches to ensure the freshest possible coffee while maintaining the intrinsic flavors within the fruit. We travel overseas to growing regions to meet producers and learn how their coffee growing practices, micro-climates, quality and care ultimately contribute to your cup. 2021 Good Food Awards Finalist


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Jose Martinez avatargreat cold brew

I was previously using coffee beans from a roaster that is not in the system. This is the first coffee beans from a roaster in the market place. I decided to make a cup of cold brew, my first impression was how nice the color of the coffee looked as it went into the cup. The aromas were great too. I took my first sip and I understood now the importance of custom settings for each coffee bean. This was the best cup of cold brew I’ve ever had from a machine. I would recommend this roast.

by Jose Martinez