Black Hole

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Los Angeles, CA

Black Hole
12 OZ

Demitasse takes a trip to the dark side. For those of you who have been looking for a comforting, rich and smooth cup.












Notes from the curator

This blend uses the same incredible coffees in our Milky Way blend, but we make 16% of the beans a killer coffee from Sumatra to add that robust mouthfeel with some dark chocolate and earthy notes. The Sumatra in there right now is: Sumatra Super Queen Ketiara: The Ketiara Coop is a women-led coop in Sumatra growing coffee in the forested mountains surrounding Leuser National Park. The Gayo varietals are grown using shade-grown practices to help protect the local ecosystem.

More about Demitasse

We're a Los Angeles based coffee microroastery focused on sourcing tasty coffee from folks taking care of their people and land. We do our best not to screw up the hard work that goes into making a single coffee bean. On our end, we're evangelists for eliminating single use waste.


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