Play Nice
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Play Nice


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Greenville, SC

Play Nice
12 OZ

This is currently consisting of our Nicaragua Aldea and our natural Ethiopia Sidama.



1100 - 1450; 1800 - 1800


Nicaragua; Ethiopia


Jinotega; Sidama


Fully Washed; Natural


Caturra, Catuai, 74112

Notes from the curator

Play Nice is the first blend we ever created. We wanted to create a blend that would be friendly to everyones taste. A coffee that would taste great as espresso, be pleasant as morning cup of drip coffee, and stand up well in your espresso + milk.

More about Methodical Coffee

Methodical opened their doors in 2015 and started roasting coffee shortly after, in 2016. The fruition of a dream between three friends, Methodical strives to enrich minds, tastes, and relationships through coffee.


31 Customer Reviews

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Dawn Klasen avatarVery bitter and weak.

I was excited to try this coffee but I am honestly disappointed and will not be purchasing again. I would return it if I could.

by Dawn Klasen
Shawn Miles avatarGreat blend

I normally go for single origin coffees when I buy bagged coffee. I decided to go for this blend to break in my new Spinn machine. The first reason I choose this blend was the proximity of the roaster to where I live and secondly the flavor profile. I love this blend. I never heard of this roaster before visiting the Spinn marketplace, but I will definitely be trying some of their other coffee. I’ve tried the nitro, espresso, drip, and the pour over recipes with this blend and they were all great!

by Shawn Miles