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Chino Valley Blend


Chino, CA

Chino Valley Blend
12 OZ

Our signature Chino Valley Blend is comprised of direct trade coffees from Colombia.








Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

Green Grape, Licorice, Toffee

More about Espresso Republic

We are a specialty coffee roaster committed to excellence in everything we do. Our coffee is directly sourced and roasted to order on our Loring Roaster to ensure freshness and to promote quality. Our mission statement: To have a passion for quality coffee. From farm to cup, we want to offer the best.


Customer Reviews

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Nathan  Camp avatarBitter but not sweet

This coffee is hard to describe for me. It left my mouth feeling dry and a bitterness on my tongue.

by Nathan Camp
Brian Bastian avatar Very Smooth and Well-Balanced

While a little pricey (especially after shipping), this made an excellent variety of coffee and coffee drinks. Very smooth and well balanced. Very happy with this.

by Brian Bastian
James Plowman avatarGreat for espresso!

I found this coffee to be okay for filter style coffee. But when I tried it for espresso? Wow! it is so smooth and really cuts through milk without being harsh when enjoyed without milk! Great stuff!

by James Plowman
Tony Sayegh avatarvery good

Love the coffee, the Spinn truly makes it great whether it’s espresso (my personal choice) or coffee or americano! I will say, there’s a sour note to it. Not for everyone. But I really enjoy it. I do need a few cups however, my caffeine tolerance is clearly Too high :)

by Tony Sayegh
Jamie Conroy avatarTwo Thumbs up!

So far, of the 4 beans I’ve boughten from here, this is one my favorite! No grittiness in my coffee with this guy!

by Jamie Conroy
Walter Youngmann avatarSmooth!!

This is perhaps the smoothest cup of coffee you will drink. Reminds me of the Tip of the Andes bean that I used to buy years ago. Like others have said, this is my new go-to bean.

by Walter Youngmann