Tropical Weather
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Tropical Weather


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Rogers, AR

Tropical Weather
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With a floral aroma, notes of berry & pineapple, along with peach sweet tea, you'll be leaving the house wearing shorts.



1850 - 1900






Fully Washed; Natural


Mikicho, Setami, Heirloom

Notes from the curator

Tropical Weather is a seasonal blend that celebrates the coffees from one of our favorite coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia. We used a washed Bombe and a natural Bombe, and the result was indeed better than the sum of its parts. If you miss the long days of summer and are a little sluggish this time of year, then Tropical Weather is your cup of sunshine.

More about Onyx Coffee Lab

Started in 2012 by Jon and Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab strives to find the best possible coffees and roast them to their full potential. In 2022 we won the US Roasters Competition and the US Brewer's Cup Competition, going on to place 2nd in both categories in the World Coffee Championships.


45 Customer Reviews

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Zachary Cox avatarExcellent Coffee!

Excellent coffee! Perfectly described, hits all the notes.

by Zachary Cox
Ramy Mora avatarToo Acidic

Not a fan of this blend. Way too acidic and sour

by Ramy Mora
Mai Lin Mac avatarnot good

No good at all

by Mai Lin Mac
Taylor Moore avatarUnreal.

This might be one of the most lovely, sweet, and drinkable coffee I’ve ever had. The folks at Onyx gave me the pour-over recipe: 38g and 205F water and you’ll have the most insanely perfect cup. My wife and family have all had it now and we’re going to likely be repeat ordering because it’s that good.

by Taylor Moore
James Plowman avatarSeriously the best coffee ever!!!

I have tried a LOT of specialty coffee. Everything from washed Guatemalans and Ethiopians, to natural Columbians and everything in between. I'm already a fan of Onyx and their coffee so I had high expectations to start with this particular bag. And let me tell you, they were EXCEEDED! This coffee is sweet and fruity like a natural process while remaining floral and delicate like a washed coffee. This stuff tastes like MAGIC! Seriously the best coffee I have ever had!

by James Plowman