Penelope’s Blend
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Penelope’s Blend


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Jersey City , NJ

Penelope’s Blend
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Whether in an orange blossom espresso, or a juicy pour over, Penelope’s Blend makes a cup worth the voyage home.









Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

We crafted Penelope’s Blend to create a delicate balance between several of our favorite coffees. This blend contains the sweetness and fragrance from our Colombian, the floral and light honey notes from our Guatemalan and the creaminess of our Burundi, providing just enough bright acidity without being overpowering. This blend also works well as a modern light roast espresso — a much brighter and citrus forward counterpoint to our Beowulf house espresso.

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5 Customer Reviews

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Tim O'Brien avatarLove it

We are new to Spinn but have enjoyed this coffee very much.

by Tim O'Brien
George Mammo avatarUnexpectedly Disappointing

The orange-citrus profile is intensely sour rather than giving a smooth, sweet finish. It’s over-powering and definitely not well balanced.

by George Mammo