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Honey Drop


San Diego, CA

Honey Drop
10 OZ

Magical mix of our two sweetest coffees. Sweet mango, orange marmalade & complex honey & cane sugar notes.



1750 - 1950; 1750 - 1950


Ethiopia; Colombia


jimma; Tolima


Fully Washed


Ethiopia Heirloom, Caturra

Notes from the curator

What happens when you take our two sweetest coffees, adjust the roast profiles to saturate them with even more massive caramelized sugars and then create a composition of them that bursts with sweetness and drips with honey? The results are hyper yes! and hyper sweet. We're getting lush honeys, rich stone fruits, mango, sweet tangerine and cane sugar notes. June's new Honey Drop is: 65% Gaitania Community - Colombia 35% Limmu Kossa, Heirloom - Ethiopia

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Join our journey to bring beautiful coffees together with radical equity. You're going to love our coffees. They're sweet, balanced & a joy to drink. Coffee Farmers love our coffees. They get paid 20% of the retail price of every coffee. The transparent ratio means both you & the farmers know exactly how much of the value they receive. Beautiful & Radical.


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