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Torque Coffees

Honey Drop


43 reviews

San Diego, CA

Honey Drop
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A coffee composition that indulges your sweet dessert soul. Sweet mango, fuji apple & complex honey & marshmallow.



1755 - 1950; 1450 - 1695


Colombia; Costa Rica


Tolima ; Tres Rios


Fully Washed; Red Honey


Caturra, Colombian

Notes from the curator

Honey Drop is a result of modifying our roast profiles to infuse extra caramelized sugars into our sweetest coffee beans. We've crafted a friendly and exquisitely sweet coffee. This blend is rich in honey and sugars, extending the Maillard profile for complex carbohydrates. Honey Drop brings out vibrant fruit notes like lush honeys, rich stone fruits, mango, fuji apple, and marshmallow. The result is a hyper-sweet and lively coffee experience.

More about Torque Coffees

Super sweet coffee from some of the best coffee producers anywhere, who share in the equity of every coffee you buy. It’s wonderful, radical, proportional and equitable. It’s what coffee should be.


43 Customer Reviews

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Olaf Garcia avatarThe honey flavor!

I gotta say I was really impressed by the presence of honey flavor in these beans. As a person who loves this flavor I can really appreciate the notes. Perfect to try in a latte.

by Olaf Garcia
Sudeep Kulkarni avatarCoffee dessert!

Amazingly sweet, zero bitterness when brewing as nuclei cold brew. 10/10 recommend!

by Sudeep Kulkarni