Peixoto Coffee

Família Peixoto


Chandler, AZ

Família Peixoto
12 OZ

Brazil - Single Origin, Natural Process, Fazenda Sao Jose da Boa Vista (the Peixoto Family Farm)



1250 - 1300




Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais





Notes from the curator

This coffee is the go-to lot of our current-harvest Peixoto family coffees. Rich flavors of berries, chocolate and nuts identify it as a high-quality Brazil. With a sweet, clean, and rich flavor profile, this coffee pleases just about everyone.

More about Peixoto Coffee

The Peixoto Family has been growing high quality Arabica coffee on our farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil since 1894. Five generations later, we put down roots in Arizona as Peixoto Coffee, where we import, roast, and serve our family coffee along side other exceptional coffees from around the world.


Customer Reviews

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Josh Klemm avatarGreat cup

I drink mine black usually using the cup setting, though sometimes a red eye. Coffee was great

by Josh Klemm
John Aboumrad avatarExcellent

A fantastic natural process coffee.

by John Aboumrad
Lane Brookshire avatarSolid entry in natural process coffee

Very sweet, creamy coffee with nutty undertones and mild fruity hints as it cools down. Very mild for a naturally processed coffee which is great as some can be in your face. I did crave a bit more fruit forwardness (my taste preference) but was happy since it’s very balanced and you can easily drink it all day long!

by Lane Brookshire