Spinn Blend Dark

Spinn Blend Dark


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Los Angeles, CA

Spinn Blend Dark
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Spinn Blend Dark is designed for those who prefer a bolder flavor in their coffee. Excellent for espresso and cold brew.









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Notes from the curator

Spinn Blend Dark is ideal for those who prefer a bolder coffee experience. It makes a chocolatey espresso or a drip coffee perfect to pair with milk. For the person who enjoys Starbucks or Peets.

More about Spinn

Introducing our very own blend, the perfect companion to your Spinn coffee experience. This is a roast designed to please a plethora of palettes to explore every style of coffee the Spinn can brew. Scan the bag to get the recipes Spinn created for this special blend.


255 Customer Reviews

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null avatarSpinn Blend 2

Honestly didn’t love it…Each cup I hoped my opinion would change but it just didn’t. I’m getting a sour taste.

by Spinn Customer
Kyle Kasten avatarnot my favorite, hard to drink

Not sure if I got a bad batch, but each cup was difficult to swallow and enjoy.

by Kyle Kasten
Charles Ward avatarVery disappointed.

Got my Spinn a few weeks ago and have been greatly enjoying it with a bag of Kirkland French Roast. Put in bag of Spinn Blend Dark and am not impressed. It’s unpleasantly sour and doesn’t even give the impression of being a dark roast. Definitely would not buy again and really don’t understand all the rave reviews I see here. And yes I updated the Spinn for the new bag

by Charles Ward
Angel Gonzalez avatarSpinn dark roast coffee

Well...It ain't like Pikes Place Starbucks coffee. Kinda has a sour after taste and really didn't like it.

by Angel Gonzalez
J P avatarPretty good

Tried this coffee with my family when they visited. They really enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty good. Still prefer Peet’s, and probably Starbucks, but it’s not bad at all.

by Judah Pemble
Russell B Rappel Schmid avatarGood coffee but frustrated with my new SPINN

I am enjoying this coffee so far. But I am a little frustrated with my SPINN experience. I purchased my machine as I moved into my new construction house. I guess it was my failure to assume that the machine could be set up without WIFI. Because I’m in a new construction area, I am still (two months into owning) waiting for access to internet. I am surprised that there is no bluetooth connection option. Even my LED TV Backlights from GOVEE work on BOTH wifi and bluetooth. I can’t make any specialty drinks because with no wifi, the machine won’t connect with the app. I also just left for two weeks to visit family and wasn’t able to perform the proper vacation prep (running plain water through, emptying all the beans, etc) because you have to do that from the app and it won’t work without wifi. I have my home wifi system up and running so I can run my automated lights and such, but SPINN won’t work without connection to the internet. Love the concept and once I have internet, I’m hopeful I will REALLY love it. Second, very soon after I purchased, SPINN had a sale on all machines and they were like $200 off. I know one can’t predict a sale…but if you’re considering buying one and there is a major holiday coming up where online retailers typically have sales…I’d consider waiting until then to make your purchase just in case SPINN runs a sale.

by Russell B Rappel Schmid