Signature Espresso Blend
Topeca Coffee Roasters

Signature Espresso Blend


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Tulsa, OK

Signature Espresso Blend
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Single Origin blend crafted for espresso



1100 - 1550


El Salvador


Santa Ana


Fully Washed; Natural


Red Bourbon, Pacas

Notes from the curator

It is very uncommon to find an espresso blend made from coffees of one single origin, but since we have access to 2 farms at different elevations, and the ability to process our coffee many different ways, we are able to create an incredibly nuanced blend with coffees from just one region. Washed bourbon from the lower elevation Ayutepeque gives the blend a base of rich caramel, chocolate, and nut flavors, while the natural processed bourbon from el Manzano provides an intense fruity sweetness.

More about Topeca Coffee Roasters

Vertically-integrated coffee company based in Tulsa, OK. Family owned since 1850. Topeca owns two award winning farms, Fincas Ayuteqpeque and el Manzano in El Salvador, where they source much of their coffee. Topeca is also home to the 2018 U.S. Roaster Champion.


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Don Magee avatarAll around great

Works great as coffee, cold brew, and espresso.

by Don Magee