Citizen Blend


Monroe, OH

Citizen Blend
12 OZ

On the darker side of things, weathers the automatic drip machine and holds up to milk - extraordinary served straight.




Colombia; Nicaragua


Huila; Matagalpa


Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

This blend will showcase a heavier roast profile while maintaining great structure and excellent balance. We're not talking surface oil dark, just a little heavier than you might have experienced with some of our other offerings. This coffee features a slightly heavier roast profile, perfect for fans of a traditional dark roast. Citizen Blend is a complex blend featuring coffee from two major growing regions, Central and South America. Its complexity is what allows for a harmonious flavor.

More about YIELD

YIELD Coffee is a humanitarian coffee roasting company dedicated to relational coffee and long-term sustainability. We collaborate closely with coffee farmers who share our commitment to sustainability, exceptional quality, and long-term relationships. We transport beautiful coffees to Cincinnati and roast them fresh every week.


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