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Torque Coffees

Dark Drop - Espresso


23 reviews

San Diego, CA

Dark Drop - Espresso
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A coffee composition celebrating heavy, sweet dessert decadence. GOLD MEDAL WINNER as espresso!



1650 - 1825; 1500 - 1675


Guatemala; Costa Rica


Huehuetenango; Tres Rios


Fully Washed; Black Honey


Bourbon, Caturra

Notes from the curator

The Dark Drop coffee blend offers a sensory journey of dark chocolate, cherries, and muscovado sugar. It's an experience akin to youthful energy mingled with the wisdom of darkness, delivering a bag of exquisite dark chocolate and dark fruit flavors. This Gold Medal-winning blend boasts a sweet, balanced profile with no bitterness, just warm, developed sugars and a glorious mouthfeel. It's a sweet dark chocolate candied apple party for your taste buds.

More about Torque Coffees

Super sweet coffee from some of the best coffee producers anywhere, who share in the equity of every coffee you buy. It’s wonderful, radical, proportional and equitable. It’s what coffee should be.


23 Customer Reviews

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Matthew Jacob avatarDidn't like it.

I didn't care for this. It came out very sour and acidic-- the beans also jammed my spinn's grinder. Now, it's probably good coffee, but some beans just don't work well with the Spinn machine and this appears to be one of them.

by Matthew Jacob
Kris Anderson avatarsmooth and delicious

I got 2 flavors from Torque. However they were not marked when I received so not sure which was which. Enjoyed both but one more so and would love to have them labeled when they come.

by Kris Anderson