Black Onyx


Alhambra, CA

Black Onyx
12 OZ
Whole Beans

Black Onyx - dark roast drip blend




Guatemala; Colombia; Ethiopia







Notes from the curator

Black Onyx is our darkest roast, which might surprise you when you look closely at the beans. While some roasters make their dark roasts visibly oily, we prefer to take a gentler approach to our roasting, aiming at keeping the oils internal while still reaching a high temperature, which results in roasty, dark caramel flavors and beans that keep their integrity with a more stable shelf life.

More about LAMILL Coffee

LAMILL Coffee is a boutique coffee roaster proudly based in Los Angeles, California. We are in constant pursuit of offering coffees with unique flavor profiles that are sustainably produced and expertly processed, but also in a manner that is accessible to all. We roast each batch with care and intentionality to unlock the inherent characteristic of coffee


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Roderick  de Rode avatarDark roast without the oil

This is a delicious dark roast that will slide perfectly through the Spinn hopper because the beans are not oily. If you like darker roasts this is something to try. Speedy delivery, great taste. Will order again. A+

by Roderick de Rode