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NANO water filter

$15 coffee credits*

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Original Plus


NANO water filter

$15 coffee credits*

Milk Frother

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NANO water filter

Water supply line compatible

$15 coffee credits*

Spinn Carafe

Milk Frother

11oz White Travel Mug

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*When you buy a machine with coffee credit, you will receive a code with said credits to spend in the Spinn Market. The credits will be uploaded to your Spinn Account and you can review them in the COFFEE CREDIT section of your settings.

The All-in-One Coffee Maker


Makes a Variety of Coffee Drinks


Whole Bean Coffee Ground Fresh


Control with Your Phone

The Maker

  • Centrifugal brewing core (up to 5,000 RPM)
  • WiFi enabled
  • Small footprint (13.5” x 8.5” x 14”)
  • Cup clearance up to 6”


  • Bean container: 18 oz
  • Water container: 40 oz
  • Finest grind: 0.01”
  • Stainless steel burrs: 1.6” diameter
  • Weight (empty): 18.3 lbs
  • Serving size: 20 oz (max)


  • Control with your phone
  • Upload roaster recipes
  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic ordering
  • Voice command with Alexa

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Ohff avatarI can’t believe how Amazing

This Spinn coffee maker is simply fantastic! I have had it for two weeks and I’m in love. It was not cheap but I haven’t been to any coffee shops so I’m saying money in the long run so it will pay for itself in no time. Thank you for inventing the Spinn. I’m calling myself a barista ( Spinn does all the work) I take the credit.

by Eric Ohff

pretty good.

Sean Bissing avatarGreat end result!

We received our SPINN PRO unit about a month ago and enjoying it. It did take longer than expected but it was worth the wait. I love all it produces, especially the iced coffee! I’d recommend our model specifically for the plumbed water line which makes the machine so much simpler and you’ll not need to haggle with the water container at all.

by Sean Bissing
Stephen Gunn avatarWorth the Wait

Love the machine and the coffee it makes.

by Stephen Gunn
Jones Family avatarAmazing coffee maker with a couple minor issues

I’m in love. The the flavor of all coffees are incredible. That said, It is a bit frustrating that it holds so little water- about half the amount of an average Keurig. The amount of water is an issue because the machine uses additional water for cleaning after every brewing every cup which causes me to have to add water after about the 4th cup. I believe this can be fixed by using a direct water line. The only other issue so far is that the machine doesn’t have an option to dispense hot water. I believe this could easily be added in the Spinn App in the future because there is a separate water nozzle used for the the Americano coffee style but unfortunately it’s currently not an option. Well done, Spinn Team!

by Jones Family
Cornelius Bowie avatarGreatly Impressed!

This coffee maker is Amazing! I’m so impressed by how much easier it makes my life when I want coffee in the morning.

by Cornelius Bowie