Montrose, CO

Courthouse Blend

Cimarron Coffee Roasters
250 g
Seasonal blend that is great for espresso or drip brew
Brazil, Guatemala
Fully Washed, Natural

Notes from the curator

Any coffee can be brewed as espresso. Courthouse, our house espresso, is developed a little more in the roaster to soften acidity and increase solubility. With sweet-bittersweet balance, body, crema, and finesse, Courthouse is the classic definition of espresso that we use in our shops. It's aromatic, sweetly fruited and so smooth. Wonderful straight up, this espresso also holds its own in milk drinks.

More about Cimarron Coffee Roasters

Based in Montrose, CO on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, Cimarron Coffee Roasters focuses on highlighting the amazing intrinsic qualities that coffee producers create in their coffees. Read more...

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