Organic Lady Bird Bali
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Organic Lady Bird Bali


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Manchester, NH

Organic Lady Bird Bali
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Smooth, easy to drink with hints of chocolate and vanilla.











Notes from the curator

The roast profile on our Lady Bird Bali has been curated to make a fantastic espresso, although it is equally amazing as a cup, or milk drink. Cheers!

More about Critical Mass Coffee

Critical Mass Coffee is a leading 100% organic coffee roaster known for providing the freshest and highest quality coffee from all over the coffee belt. We have a strong passion for preserving our environment and only support sustainable and ethical farmers.


9 Customer Reviews

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Manoj Shendye avatarVery delicious coffee

Loved the taste. Critical Mass team was prompt to ship the beans. Packaging was perfect.

by Manoj Shendye
Gage D Hansen avatarOver Roasted, Burnt Beans

We used these beans in our Spinn and later did a pour over test to be sure. We found the coffee to be a very dark roast with burnt flavours (especially bad since it is supposed to be a medium roast). Both the initial taste from the cup and the residual taste after drinking were overly bitter, acidic, and with iron dirt flavours. The description of the flavour palate for the roast of these beans was exciting, but the reality of finding the beans to be of such low quality and the roast so extremely burnt was dissapointing to say the least. I won't be trying the roaster ever again.

by Gage D Hansen
Alexandra Barstow avatarvery good

Really like these, smooth and rich

by Alexandra Barstow
Sudeep Kulkarni avatarexcellent for espresso and cold brew

Flavors exactly as described. Better suited for espresso and cold brew rather than brewed coffee in my opinion.

by Sudeep Kulkarni
Matt Martz avatarVery Good!

Very Good!

by Matt Martz