Decaf Paper Tiger
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Decaf Paper Tiger


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Decaf Paper Tiger
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Don't ever let anyone say that just because it's decaf it can't be great!



1500 - 1900








Colombian, Supremo

Notes from the curator

We are thrilled to bring you this amazingly flavorful and full bodied decaf from Colombia. The sugar process is a natural process that not only maintains the astonishing integrity of the coffee's flavor, but also allows us to offer decaf coffee that follows an integrated vertical supply chain, as the growing, processing, and even the full decaffeination process all happens at the source in Colombia.

More about Dave's Coffee

Dave's Coffee retail and wholesale coffee roasters. Espresso bars in Providence Rhode Island and Charlestown Rhode Island. Creator of Dave's Coffee Syrup, the best coffee milk syrup to create the Official State Drink of Rhode Island - Coffee Milk! A family owned business, Dave's Coffee is dedicated to keeping things as close to home as possible.


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Gary Bruce avatarLove this coffee with my Spinn

As I get to know my Spinn coffee maker, I'm not only impressed with its ability to adjust recipes for the coffee being used but, I'm also impressed with the coffee I've received from the market. And this one is excellent. In fact, so far, it's the best decaf I've tried. It's smooth, not bitter, and has great taste in any configuration (I.e., espresso, coffee, etc). I highly recommend it.

by Gary Bruce