Trumpet Solo Blend
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Trumpet Solo Blend


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San Carlos, CA

Trumpet Solo Blend
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A very smooth, non-bitter finish coffee. Three different regions make up this blend.



1250 - 1350; 900 - 1250; 1100 - 1350


Indonesia; Brazil; Honduras


Java; Cerrado; Copan


Fully Washed; Natural


Bourbon, Caturra, Java, Sulawesi Toraja Kalossi

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We are a Bay Area Roaster with a focus on direct-sourcing the best beans available.


10 Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Zamores avatarGreat coffee, and a nice surprise!

This coffee was roasted and shipped very quickly. It is an extremely flavorful and delicious coffee, the notes were on point and if you like dark roasts you’ll love this one. The best part was the surprise I got in my shipping box. Inside were 2 free single serve portable drip coffee bags. They’re prefilled with ground beans and attach to the side of your mug, you just pour hot water through and enjoy. Works just like making regular pour over coffee and tastes great despite being pre ground. Will definitely buy again.

by Gabriel Zamores