Organic Old Crow Cuppa Joe
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Organic Old Crow Cuppa Joe


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Floyd, VA

Organic Old Crow Cuppa Joe
12 OZ

Rich with a smooth chocolatey mouth feel and ripe cherry acidity, this full-bodied blend offers a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy



1300 - 1500; 1200; 2100


Honduras; Nicaragua; Peru


Huila; Jinotega; San Ignacio


Natural; Washed


Catuai, Caturra, Icatu

Notes from the curator

When Old Crow is served as an espresso you can expect dark chocolate notes with a sweet berry tartness. As a brewed drip coffee, that acidity mellows, and that dark chocolate really shines into a perfectly sweet and creamy mouthfeel. Delicious with your favorite cream or milk.

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From planting to pour, coffee is a collective effort. We honor the community behind every cup by exclusively offering premium quality coffees, transparently sourced from estates and farms that treat both the land, and the people who work it, with respect.


24 Customer Reviews

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Craig Indyke avatargreat flavor

This is one of my favs now. Smooth taste and great for all types of coffee

by Craig Indyke