Awakening Breakfast Blend
Sacred Grounds Coffee Roasters

Awakening Breakfast Blend


7 reviews

Sherman, CT

Awakening Breakfast Blend
12 OZ

A smooth, balanced cup with a kick to get things moving in the morning -- but enjoyable any time of day!









Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

Cupping Notes: Creamy body with hints of hazelnut, citrus, bright acidity.

More about Sacred Grounds Coffee Roasters

Sacred Grounds Coffee Roasters is a USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified small-batch roastery located in the beautiful little town of Sherman, Connecticut.


7 Customer Reviews

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Eugene Zalutsky avatarOverly bright

I found this brew bitter due to the heavy citrus and acidic overtone.

by Eugene Zalutsky
Christopher Tate avatarGreat Morning Coffee

This has become our “go to” blend for our morning coffee, or really any time. Also, the (low) oil level of the beans seems to work well with the Spinn machine, which is good.

by Christopher Tate
Tyler Drennan avatarVery Smooth

This coffee arrived and the aroma of the coffee was amazing. I opened it up and made a cup of coffee and it was very smooth taste. Definitely noticed hints of citrus in it. Definitely a nice blend!

by Tyler Drennan