Decaf Peruvian
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Decaf Peruvian


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Crown Point, IN

Decaf Peruvian
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cocoa // maple // herbal








Swiss Water Processed; Decaffeinated; Decaffeinated: Swiss Water Process



Notes from the curator

If you need decaffeinated coffee, this is the one you want. Free from harmful chemicals, this coffee is Fair Trade, Organic, and Swiss Water Processed. It is a delicious, well balanced coffee. Also great as a cold-brew.

More about Smalltown Coffee Co.

Coffee is craft. From beginning to end, it’s excellence depends on the willingness of hard working men and women to choose to do things the right way. Usually the hard way. Those are the kind of people we are, and the kind of people we partner with from farm cup. The proof is in the coffee.


3 Customer Reviews

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Ward Vuillemot avatarDelicate

While I’m not partial to this roast per se, it’s a solid roast for those wanting a more medium roast that does not overpower. I’d recommend it folks looking for coffee with more floral hints.

by Ward Vuillemot
Tashunda Mallory avatarDelicious

A smooth and mellow medium roast that even stands out when milk and sweetener is added. Will definitely recommend and place another order real soon

by Tashunda Mallory