Superior Coffee Roasting Co.



Sault Ste. Marie, MI

12 OZ

One of our lighter "medium" roasts. Has a very nutty characteristic. Certified Organic











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Born on the shores of the Largest Fresh Water Lake in the World, our mission is provide not only a "Superior" coffee, roasted with the traditional small batch attention to detail, but to be an active part of the community supporting water quality and sustainability efforts. After all, a good cup of coffee, has to start with a good cup of water!


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Valerie Thompson avatarMexican Coffee

This coffee is rich and flavorful. It reminds me of the coffee we get in Riviera Maya! I would definitely purchase again.

by Valerie Thompson
Jo Jordan avatarStill awaiting to use the Spin Pro but good beans.

The Coffee beans used an an aero press still brings a smile to my face. The beans are perfectly roasted to provide the test of nuts, honey a a touch of granola. I normally enjoy the light to medium roast and it met my expectations since it reminded of that moments I sent to Mexico. The last of two stars is only because I didn't use the SPINN Pro. Since there is no release date, I have been only enjoying these coffee bean only at half the potential.

by Jo Jordan