Kendall Park, NJ

Bourbon Barrel-Aged | Medium Roast

I Prefer Craft Coffee
8 oz
Hi Bourbon Lovers! Our premium single origin coffees aged in American Oak barrels on various types of Bourbon Whiskey.
1,700 - 1,700 meters
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

Our Bourbon Barrel-aged coffee is aged on real oak soaked premium bourbon and made in extremely small batches. Expect heavy notes of bourbon, oak, and spice
Duration Aged/Bourbon Type: 5+ Weeks | Widow Jane Bourbon (2015)
Barrel: Medium+ Char | American Oak Double Barrel

More about I Prefer Craft Coffee

We offer a truly unique roast-to-order coffee experience! I Prefer Craft Coffee only offers specialty-grade coffee, and your coffee is roasted with 100% Clean Air within 1-business day (typically same-day) of placing your order! Our process guarantees you always receive your coffee at peak freshness!  Read more...

Customer reviews

Best Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Online
5 / 5
I Prefer Craft Coffee’s bourbon barrel aged coffees truly stand out along the crowd of other roasted. Lovely oak and bourbon flavors flow through the entire coffee experience. I’ve tried several different brands who claim to barrel age their coffee on oak and bourbon. However, most of them fall short of the perceived experience.