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Wizard Cat


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Jacksonville, OR

Wizard Cat
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Wizard Cat is our go-to blend for espresso but also makes a delicious and balanced cup of coffee. 




Colombia; Guatemala




Fully Washed; Natural



Notes from the curator

We aim for a blend that has the perfect mixture of bright fruitiness with a backbone of milk chocolate and, in this current blend, a nice candied cherry aftertaste. 50% Guatemala Nuevo Oriente/ 50% Colombia Pichinde Natural Process: Washed Roast Level: Medium

More about Cerberus Coffee

Our approach to coffee is simple, we want to roast coffees we love. We aim for a balance of body, sweetness and vibrance. Our role is the last step in a supply chain that requires care every step of the way. We want our coffees to honor those who make it possible to get them into your hands.


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Chris Dovel avataramazing coffee & customer service!

by Chris Dovel