Relational Blend
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Relational Blend

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Monroe, OH

Relational Blend
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Cupping Notes: Sweet Citrus, Chocolate, Nutty Finish Roast Level 03: Medium Origin: Brazil + Ethiopia




Brazil; Ethiopia




Natural; Washed



Notes from the curator

The current coffee lineup is Brazil Primavera and Ethiopia Duromina. Relational Blend's base is the Brazil Primavera with the smooth chocolate notes, a solid body, and good hazelnut coming through. Ethiopia Duromina plays an equally important role in delivering sweet and clean citrus notes and drinkability. The drinkability of this blend is unmatched. You'll enjoy it, cup after cup.

More about YIELD Coffee Roasters

YIELD Coffee Roasters is a humanitarian coffee roasting company dedicated to relational coffee and long-term sustainability. We collaborate closely with coffee farmers who share our commitment to sustainability, exceptional quality, and long-term relationships. We transport beautiful coffees to Cincinnati and roast them fresh every week.


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