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Ethiopia Bishan Wate


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Ethiopia Bishan Wate
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In the cup, we experience sweet fruit ranging from watermelon to strawberry to Pink Lady apple.






Bishan Wate


Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

The Bishan Wate washing station is located in the renown Hambela district of Guji, Ethiopia. Here, Faysel Abdosh owns and operates multiple washing stations under the umbrella of Testi Coffee. Faysel started his own exporting company in 2009, working to develop communities within coffee producing regions and creating access to global specialty markets beyond the local market. In communities like Denbi Uddo and Aricha, Testi has built primary schools to ensure children receive education.

More about Dune Coffee

We believe that specialty coffee is for everyone, and should be accessible, approachable and fun.


3 Customer Reviews

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kemble walters avatardelicious

This coffee is delicious and Spinn makes it perfectly

by kemble walters
Adam Farmer avatarGreat in all ways

This sweet, but not too sweet coffee was great in all forms. Really enjoyed the pour over and still cold brew methods. Fruits shined through in just the right amount and was fantastic in ever cup

by Adam Farmer