Mexico - Chiapas


Monroe, OH

Mexico - Chiapas
12 OZ

Creamy milk chocolate body with a moderate sweetness. Brown sugar dominates the flavor profile; with a touch of acidity.







La Chilana


Fully Washed



Notes from the curator

Producer: Jennifer Pohlenz de Villareal Origin: Mexico Region: Chiapas Farm: La Chilana Altitude: 1300 Meters

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Tim Jones avatarBold and robust, a bit more than 'a touch of acidity'

If you like to drink your coffee without any additives, this one may be a bit to harsh for some. According to the other household members it was 'bitter'. I would say that this is the perfect coffee to pair with those who like to add just a bit of cream. I do appreciate it black but a splash of cream does go a long way to mellow out the acidity levels. That stated, it is a rather mild acidity for a light roast. And the brown sugar does dominate the flavor profile as they stated. I got some fairly mild almond and walnut notes, a bit of cinnamon, and then the chocolate kind of rounded it out at the end. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional coffee taster so your mileage may vary.

by Tim Jones