French Truck Coffee

Commander's Chicory

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New Orleans , LA

Commander's Chicory
12 OZ

Bold, robust, sweet & full-bodied












Notes from the curator

Commander’s Palace, New Orleans's destination for leading-edge Haute Creole cuisine and rollicking Louisiana charm, has served coffee and chicory since the day it opened in 1893. When they are traveling the world in search of the next exciting meal, they actually bring our coffee & chicory on the road. Together we have created a coffee and chicory blend made from Colombian and Brazilian beans with French chicory added after roasting. The flavor is bold yet smooth, robust, sweet, and full-bodied.

More about French Truck Coffee

We use the best, freshest ingredients, treat them properly, serve them immediately, and the results will always be better than mass-produced. We buy the best beans we can find, roast them in small batches, and get them to you promptly. The coffee’s roast date is on the bag so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is. Thank you for supporting!


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