Minor Monuments
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Minor Monuments

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Los Angeles, CA

Minor Monuments
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Our signature blend, perfect as espresso or filter coffee and featuring notes of molasses, caramel, and chocolate.




Guatemala; Honduras


Bendicion; Santa Barbara





Notes from the curator

We're all looking for the same things in life: stability and excitement all in one, and this coffee delivers the goods. We craft Minor Monuments to bring the sweetness to any espresso drink, particularly those with milk. This blend prioritizes sweet, dense, chocolate flavors with rich, pleasing roast notes that delight in a cappuccino or a latte, but are also a solid call taken as espresso on its own. It's also a delight when brewed as filter coffee.

More about Go Get Em Tiger

Founded in 2013, Go Get Em Tiger seeks to unlock the purest expression of coffee’s intrinsic beauty. We travel the world building partnerships with our favorite producers, then roast those coffees on vintage drum roasters in Los Angeles. Sharing these beautiful coffees with enthusiasts like you is our calling.


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