Espresso Blend || Don Armando
Leiva's Coffee

Espresso Blend || Don Armando


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North Little Rock, AR

Espresso Blend || Don Armando
12 OZ

Just like our Armando, gentle and direct.



1000 - 1300




Nuevo Oriente


Golden Honey; Fully Washed


Catuai, Bourbon

Notes from the curator

Our Single Origin Espresso blend is sure to bring a perfect combination of Dark Chocolate with hints of Hazelnuts. The citrus notes come out at the perfect time to blend with the crema’s sweetness.

More about Leiva's Coffee

We are a micro-roasting company located in Little Rock AR. We grow, import and process all our coffees. We are also fighting for the rights of Coffee Farmers throughout the world. Our goal is to connect with like minded coffee lovers to eradicate poverty from the coffee industry by creating security, sustainability and significance in each farmer's lives.


5 Customer Reviews

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Kreisler Ng avatarSolid Espresso

Solid is what I will say. Very smooth, medium to full-bodied espresso. I didn't taste much the citrus, blueberry notes the roaster recommends but definitely more on the chocolate, oak, wine (more tannins of wine) side of the house. This bordered between medium to dark roast (probably between first & second crack of roasting) as the beans were getting oily. But not like dark roast oily!

by Kreisler Ng
Joni Hamlin avatarLove this coffee!!

This coffee is so great! High quality, awesome people and cause!

by Joni Hamlin
Dallion Richards avatarFantastic!

Not only is the coffee delicious, but the Leivas mission is amazing. I couldn't be happier to support this business.

by Dallion Richards
Erv Lemus avatarBest Coffee

The best coffee out there . Since trying it in Guatemala I now get leivas coffee and share with friends .

by Erv Lemus