Ethiopia Adado Sun Dried
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Ethiopia Adado Sun Dried


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Ethiopia Adado Sun Dried
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Ethiopia Landrace

Notes from the curator

This sun-dried natural is grown at an elevation of 1800-220 m.a.s.l in the SNNPR region of the Gedeo Zone in the Yirgacheffe district of Ethiopia. It comes from the Adado cooperative, which is made up of 1273 members. The varieties in this lot include Landrace Heirloom, Kurume, Dega, and Wolisho. The average farm is just around 1.03 hectares. This region is also playfully called “Misty Valley” due to the misty fog that hangs over the farms in the afternoons.

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Presta was founded on the belief that coffee is meant to be shared. How we source, roast, and serve our coffee comes from a place of passion and integrity. With over ten years of serving the community of Tucson, we hope you continue to share beautifully roasted coffee with those you love.


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Nick Litz avatarnice, fruity balance

Great smell as well. I get a nice citrus from this. Not overwhelming, yet enough to appreciate the regional flavors they have mixed with the roast. Great for pour over, drip and interesting for espresso.

by Nick Litz