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Denver, CO

12 OZ

A treat on those mornings that call for a bolder, more traditional cup of coffee. Especially nice on espresso.



1550 - 1650; 1600 - 2300


Mexico; Ethiopia


Chiapas; Gedeo Zone


Fully Washed; Natural



Notes from the curator

We wanted to create a richer, more robust taste profile that showcases traditional coffee notes and works especially well on espresso, but we wanted to make sure that this coffee would shine no matter how you choose to brew it. A washed Mexican single-origin establishes the body, mouthfeel, and predominant tastes on the front end. Bringing balance to the cup and adding some of the sweeter, more luxurious flavors is a naturally processed single-origin Ethiopian coffee.

More about Servant Coffee

We exist to serve others. Servant Coffee is equally passionate about our coffee and who it serves. We believe in investing in relationships with our producers, employees, and clients alike. We believe coffee can be a force for good and we want to lead the way in making a difference.


4 Customer Reviews

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Ron Bryan avatarGood Flavor but a Bit Light

Tasty but thought it would be a bit bolder and fuller.

by Ron Bryan
Dennis Cuff avatarClear and Bright

Fresh delight

by Dennis Cuff
David  Buckshorn avatarGood, light, refreshing

not as bold as I expected. a light cup on all settings.

by David Buckshorn