Thailand Peaberry
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Thailand Peaberry

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Reisterstown, MD

Thailand Peaberry
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Produces a smooth full full-bodie medium roast cup with hints of bakers chocolate. honeysuckle and hints of citrus aroma











Notes from the curator

Peaberry coffees have one whole bean not half beans like other coffees do. There are two other more famous peaberry coffees, the Hawaiian Kona & Jamaican Blue Mountain. We actually transplanted Jamaican Blue Mountain seedlings to our farm in Thailand. Makes a smooth low acid cup with slightly bolder notes when compared to the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain & Hawaiian Kona peaberry coffee bean at a 3rd of the price. This truly makes an excpeptional coffee.

More about The Exotic Bean Coffee

The Exotic Bean specializes in providing the highest quality, USDA certified organic, fair trade, shade-grown, fully sustainable coffees from Thailand. We are proud to announce our coffees are now trademarked "The Worlds most sustainable coffee." One sip and we promise you will "taste the difference".


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