Once Upon A Time - Las Lajas Rare Boxed Set
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Once Upon A Time - Las Lajas Rare Boxed Set

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San Diego, CA

Once Upon A Time - Las Lajas Rare Boxed Set
8 OZ

Las Lajas SL28 Natural Aerobic & Anaerobic Processing Boxed Set. Taste the Rainbow!



1500 - 1650


Costa Rica


Tres Rios





Notes from the curator

Coffee wizards Francisca and Oscar of Beneficio Las Lajas in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. * Diamante Negra- Natural Aerobic Process
Processed like an anaerobic but with oxygen then dried 50% African raised bed & 50% on patios in the sun * Diamante Noble - Natural Anaerobic Process 
Anaerobic w/ no additives, just coffee cherries then dried 100% on patios in the sun (Each box has one of each coffee so you can taste these magical coffees side by side!)

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Join our journey to bring beautiful coffees together with radical equity. You're going to love our coffees. They're sweet, balanced & a joy to drink. Coffee Farmers love our coffees. They get paid 20% of the retail price of every coffee. The transparent ratio means both you & the farmers know exactly how much of the value they receive. Beautiful & Radical.


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