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Espresso Blend


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Rawsonville, VT

Espresso Blend
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Balanced and delicious.












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NZ inspired micro roaster out of Vermont concentrating on single origin coffee and balanced espresso.


10 Customer Reviews

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James Kirste avatarFantastic Blend!!

Tasteful. Would definitely recommend.

by James Kirste
Aaron Tyler (TriplePoint Capital) avataroutstanding

Bold, organic, not oily (which is important for the Spinn machine). Overall delicious!

by Aaron Tyler (TriplePoint Capital)
Jeremy Welford avatarsolid / smooth choice

I also would give 4.5 stars here. I found this rich and smooth. I would definitely order again.

by Jeremy Welford
Cale Plasket avatarExcellent Espresso, not a great coffee

Makes a flavorful Espresso, exactly as you’d expect from an Espresso roast. However, it’s not as versatile as some, and pulling anything other than a espresso based drink will result in a weak and under serving brew. I’ve given it four stars because it’s an extremely dependable roast.

by Cale Plasket
Dr. Bret Johnson avatarDelicious bold, but subtle

We’re trying to work our way through SPINN coffee, specifically the beans. I want to give this a 4.5, but no option. Solid, bold, maybe cherry notes...I’m a wine guy so working my way through taste profiles here. Definite buy!

by Dr. Bret Johnson