Alfredo Ochoa - Honey Processed
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Alfredo Ochoa - Honey Processed


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Macon, GA

Alfredo Ochoa - Honey Processed
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Location: Curitejo, San Roque - Pinas, Ecuador Process: Honey Altitude: 4200ft



4200 - 4200




Loja, Ecuador


Yellow Honey



Notes from the curator

Partnership Note: We first met Alfredo on the original Mercer On Mission trip during the summer of 2016. Shortly thereafter in the spring of 2017, we purchased 65lbs of coffee from Alfredo, birthing Z Beans Coffee! Through proper fertilization, harvesting, and fermentation, Alfredo has mastered the art of honey processed coffee. It’s rich - it’s sweet - and it’s chocolatey. It’s everything you could want in a cup of coffee.

More about Z Beans Coffee

Our mission is to create sustainable solutions for Ecuadorian coffee farmers by importing coffees at fair trade prices via direct trade. We are committed to our farmers; we are committed to sustainability; we are committed to you. It's the Z Beans way.


31 Customer Reviews

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Charles Clarke avatarGreat Coffee

I love the fruity sweetness of this honey processed coffee. Makes a nice strong black cup of coffee especially on the pour over setting. Also, they are not oily beans so they feed in the Spinn perfectly.

by Charles Clarke
Maya Ziemba avatarperfect nitro!

These beans are so smooth and delicious! Perfect to make my nitro in the morning! No bitterness at all!

by Maya Ziemba
Ivett Heffentrager avatarcold brew/nitro?

I tried many types of beans to pull the perfect nitro. This is it! For me, these beans are the perfect ones. It doesn't feel watered down, but still keeping its medium body. Smooth, nut you can call out the notes. 🤩

by Ivett Heffentrager
Paul Davis avatarReally Good

This was a delicious coffee. It had a great body and flavor that was just really well balanced. I loved this coffee and can’t wait to try others from this roaster.

by Paul Davis
Joel Porter avataroily beans

Good flavor, strong, a bit dark. The beans are oily so they don’t move through the machine very well.

by Joel Porter
Warren Sapp avatarA ok by me

Had a slightly bitter taste. Was ok by me but my wife didn't like it. She says the bitter taste stayed with her all day. So I had to dump the beans.

by Warren Sapp